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ah 4 antenna tuner 14

Please upgrade your browser from current version( ). We do not sell email addresses or other private information. It incorporates 22 relays that switch combinations of inductance and capacitance to achieve tuning – typically within 1 to 3 seconds. This tuner may be attached to a pole using the two supplied U Bolts, or to a flat surface (screws and bolts are supplied). �]]'[��X\�T(�@HRH�QR '�8O)��sF�L&;iJh��H� �%G�� 8n�4Cp"M�A�dA=�Y_�8�DPI��H5B�/��sR� The Icom AH-4 automatic antenna tuner is designed to work with select ICOM transceivers including the Icom 703, 703+, 706 MkIIG, 718, 746, 746Pro, 756, 756Pro, 756ProII, 756ProIII, 7000 and 7300. If tuning is successful SWR should be less than 1.2. That is to be expected but, I had to try. That's okay for now. process. February 05, 2018. Moved to a different QTH and a new vertical pipe, flawless operation. 5 momentary contact switch ). Easy to set up and install. :). For mobile use (40-6 Meters), add the optional AH-2b whip element (optional). I hooked up one side of the ladder line to the post for the single wire that it was made for. I bought this based on everyone's reviews here saying it was great, and it IS! WTB ICOM AH-4 Antenna Tuner. The AH-4 complies with essential requirements of the 89/336/EEC directive for Electromagnetic Compatibility. Could not ask for more. After about 3 seconds or so, LED shut off, and tuning is The tuner is grounded there as well.. Give this tuner a decent length of wire in the air and a respectable counterpoise and it will work from 6M to 80M. Also for many years I have hated dealing with the installation of them for fixed or portable operation, so I finally broke down and benched the tuner and started making it more friendly towards to use. JavaScript is necessary for various functions, JOHN Survived heat, humidity, rain, and snow for years now. I saw this in one of the reviews here on eHam.net reviews. Operates 7-30 MHz with ICOM model AH-2B whip, or 102 in. Think knife switch. Couple years latter used at home station with long wire; again no problems. ( CW ), After about 0.5 second, press start switch for a moment. If you are unsure about the purchase (as I was), don't be. We work hard to protect your security and privacy. Most of The antenna tuner for the IC-705 is "to be released", but "I want to use the wire antenna with the IC-705 soon", so I tried to verify whether the AH-4 can be used with the IC-705. Previous page of related Sponsored Products, industrial quality, works better than specified, Reviewed in the United States on April 23, 2019, Pleasantly surprised with quality and performance at the touch of the tune control. The tuner is designed to operate with up to 120 watts of power. Looking inside, I was impressed with the quality of the components. eHam.net provides recognition and enjoyment to the people who use, contribute, and build the site. Tunes fast with my 43 ft vertical Zero5 antenna. Remember to keep your power around 100 watts. of I do have an extensive ground system and I believe that is very important. The control cable is connected to the rear of my IC-7200. JavaScript is necessary for various functions, Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews. Earlier 5-star review posted by K0KS on 2016-08-21, Earlier 5-star review posted by K0KS on 2004-01-27, http://www.icomamerica.com/amateur/hf/ah4.html. Page 4: Specifications 10 m. • AH-2b ANTENNA ELEMENT A 2.5 m long antenna element for mobile operation with AH-4. This thing works 80 meters on up--all frequencies of of ham all bands. dT�D�|�_����Z�^�1��!�L+ɂ7 �{A����@儧2h�A@-\_�z'�hR���t�$�\��bX��G��B�.O�j^��f�y�EQ`�L���Y|��l�bZ�|�Y����+Ȝ��v�f�2�����`�髍�a��ú�����9�����ot���a�[r��0�����9ZQ&��m��m?,a�F0�W ��=�jI��U�r�;��~�U׺�P>+����P6�n��?1��0@9z�peh�^7}9h�i;(q)��g����;��9����R��e�k��~���C�6�+�����Gأ;i����T�-j���j��=n��nʵ�� ȡ�h�#���n� j`���̑��E~-7��l�

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